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Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
leads from texas to canada and mexico. the first statewide amber alert issued to all california cell phones. he is believe teed be driving a blue nissan versa. >>> 62 years after her death, the family of henrietta lax can rest a little easier. she died without her family's ken, her cells because -- con sesz. her cells were used without her consent. . the family reached a genetic privacy agreement with nih, researchers will be allowed full access to the database governerned by the panel that contains family members. her story is the subject of a best seller the im mortal life of henrietta lax. >>> with no intention of catching a flight to bwi, the protest was in response to the treatment of a moral mother born in american flights. she was asked by a flight attendant to use a blanket to cover herself while breast feeding. she and other moms were offended by the request so more than 20 months showed up today for flursing in front of the american -- for nursing in front of the counter. >> we do this in the discretion or mo. >> american air lines sent an apology letter. the policy is to a
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm EDT
council. the leader of the opposition to more than $100 million of texas increment -- also got a tip with karl stokes. he pulled no punches tonight. >> this is probably the worst piece of legislation i have ever seen. >> but supporters include the mayor say the project on a now vacant side will create hundreds of jobs and bring hundreds of millions of dollars back to the city. in new tax revenue. mike the beaty was also a major force in redeveloping the upscale harbor east area. >> i think a lot of people oppose it now coming and saying, you know, what? that was a pretty good project. >> and he dismissed environmental concerns about the site where chrome was processed and a manufacturing plant for more than 100 years. >> my officers are there. my kid goes down to the site. there was chrome all around baltimore city. we know exact will why you are. there is a process how you go and build on. >> reporter: the tip will pay for streets, park and other infrastructure. including the head quarters of xlonn corporation. the city wants to borrow and spend more than $100 million. there are oth
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2